Yin & Yang Comb
Yin & Yang Comb
Yin & Yang Comb

Yin & Yang Comb

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Gua sha for treatment of face, body and scalp.

Suitable for most skin types, even sensitive skin. The tool is CHIA´s own design and are great for reducing pain, tension and swelling on both face and body. It also works well for working with lines and wrinkles + for a natural facelift. Excellent to comb your hair with. An exclusive and advanced multi tool with a lot of different usages for both beginners and pro´s!

Regular use will provide better circulation, better mobility, more radiance and healthier skin.

Yin sides of the tool (soothing/deep): the curved long side, the straight short side and the rounded bigger edges.

Yang sides of the tool (activating): The comb, the serrated edge and the shorter sharp side.

User tips:

  • Always apply a suitable oil on cleansed skin before starting gua sha
  • Place the stone at a 15-45 degree angle to the face and pull with light to medium pressure from the middle of the face and out towards the ears. Gradually move upwards and treat the whole face. Always start with the neck!
  • Learn the basic gua sha techniques in CHIA's free online course
  • Use at least 5-10 min 3-7 times / week for best effect
  • The results get better and better over time; consistency is the key to a great result!

Care instructions & more information:
Wash in mild soap and water after each use. Dry with a soft towel. Be careful; if you drop your tool on the floor, it will break. This tool is handmade and of natural material which means that each tool is unique. Color shifts and a few millimetres difference in shape may occur.

Instruction card in english + a black bag for safe storage of your stone is included with each purchase. Enter your email address and you will also receive a gua sha brochure with more tips on how to best use your new tool. Also state your telephone number for delivery.

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