Wave Gua Sha
Wave Gua Sha

Wave Gua Sha

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Wave Gua Sha in aventurine perfect for both face and body and is a real multi tool!

How to use:

  • Shapes the jawline
  • Raises eyebrows
  • Gives an instant glow to the face
  • Turns on circulation in both the face and the body.
  • The muscles release tension in the face and body.
  • Relieves tense fascia (connective tissue) in face and body.
  • Regular use has a positive effect on cellulite.
  • Regular use reduces lines and wrinkles.

The gua Sha tool comes in a black bag with silver colored chia blocks and with instruction cards. Check out @chiaholisticbeautymassage on instagram for tuturials, information and inspiration.

Use tips!
Heat under warm water for an activating massage or place in the fridge 30 minutes before using for an invigorating and cooling facial massage. Use at least 5 min/day for the face and at least 5 min/day per area on the body. Treat until you feel a warmth and can see a slight redness of the skin. You are more cautious on the face and use a light to medium pressure. Be a little tougher on the body.
In body treatment, bruises or dots can occur in cases where you are very tense, work for an extended period of time or use a lot more pressure; this is nothing dangerous but just a proof of effect. If you still want to reduce the marks, you can take more care next time and also lubricate with arnica ointment, which speeds healing.

Care instructions:
Wash with mild soap after each use. Be careful with your Gua Sha as it can break if you drop it on the floor. Always wipe your Gua Sha with a soft towel after use / washing. Avoid strong detergents as this can degrade the glossy surface over time.

Natural variations in thickness and color can occur when it is natural material and the stones are made by hand. This does not affect the use. 

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