Serenity gua sha
Serenity gua sha

Serenity gua sha

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CHIA's own designed gua sha in exclusive sodalite for treatment for face (and body). Massage tool for glow, lift, tension and various reflexology, trigger and acupressure points.

All angles are designed to work on different parts of the face and body and for different effects; the serrated edges are used for extra circulation and glow, the pointed parts for reflexology, trigger points or acupressure. The rounded parts are used for tense muscles and the smooth curved side for lifting. Instruction card included.

Sodalite is a crystal that affects the throat chakra and makes it easier to be true and stand up for yourself. Strengthens our intuition, deepens meditation, clears electromagnetic pollution, calms the mind and provides balance. Cleanses the lymphatic system and is used for insomnia and digestive problems. Feel free to wear your gua sha tool close or do a longer routine for maximum effect.

The color varies in blue, with hints of dark blue and white; all tools are unique and handmade of the highest quality.

Serenity gua sha is suitable for all skin types (except very sensitive, look at Flow gua sha insted) and is especially good for stress, anxiety, worry, sleep problems and puffiness. Gua sha should never be performed directly over acne, wounds or inflammation. 

User tips:

  • Always apply a suitable oil before starting gua sha
  • The face: place the stone at a 15-45 class angle and pull with light-medium pressure from inside the face and out towards the ears (instruction card included)
  • Use at least 5-10 min / day for maximum effect (or at least 10 min at least 3 times / week, preferably longer)
  • Body: Scrape / "comb" the skin until heat and redness occur. The skin may get red spots and / bruise-like spots, but this is completely normal (and actually desirable)! The color of these and how quickly they disappear provide clues about the state of the body. They usually disappear within 2-4 days. As soon as they disappear, you can treat again. NOTE! The body treatment is more substantial than the type of gua sha performed on the face.
  • The results get better and better over time; Regularity is an important factor for really good results
  • The right technique is important; get daily inspiration via social media or take an online course
  • Feel free to combine with salon treatment with a therapist

Comes in a black bag with gold colored charm and instruction card. Information brochure with description is available via email (it is important that you state your email address when purchasing!)

Feel free to follow @chiaholisticbeautymassage, @christinesjoegren and @chiamassagekurser on instagram and facebook for tuturials, facts, inspiration and the latest news about courses.

Care instructions:
Wash in mild soap and water after each use. Dry with a soft towel and never allow to dry by itself. Be careful; if you drop the stone on the floor, it will break! The logo is engraved in the stone and loses its color over time.

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