Hand & Body Soap Lavender & Geranium

Hand & Body Soap Lavender & Geranium

Organics by Sara
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Organics by Sara's own organic solid soaps! Our solid soaps consist of oils that can be saponified in the old artisanal way and give you a soothing soap with moisturizing properties. They are free of palm oil and are also vegan.

Hand & Body Soap Lavender & Geranium is an organic solid soap of saponified Swedish rapeseed oil, coconut oil and shea butter- It gives a moisturizing soap that softens soft and cleanses the hands. This soap suits all skin types and is scented with organic lavender and geranium as well as decorative lavender flowers.

Would you rather have a soap with no added scent - choose Organics by Sara´s extra gentle soap Sensitive Skin.

How to use organic soap
The soaps can be used by everyone - children, adults and pets. Use it as body soap, hand soap and to wash our cleaning sponge. It lathers perfectly just like a regular soap but with better ingredients and moisturizers.Remember that solid soaps should dry between uses. Leave the soap on a soap dish with good drainage.

Wash your hair with solid soap
We love multifunctional products! Our soaps are also absolutely lovely to wash your hair with. Wet your hair as usual. Rub the soap against the scalp and lengths and massage up a lather. Rinse and feel free to repeat again. Then wash your hair properly.

Sodium canolate * (rapeseed oil), Sodium Cocoate * (coconut oil), Glycerin **, Aqua, Sodium Shea Butterate * (shea butter), Sodium Cocoa Butterate * (cocoa butter), Lavandula Angustifolia oil * & flower *, Pelargonium Graveolens, Linalool ***, Geraniol ***, Citronellol ***.* Soaped organic certified ingredient. These are the oils / fats that make up the soap. ** Formed naturally in the saponification process. *** fragrance component in essential oil

Original is about 110g - The soaps are hand-cut to fit in the sink without hurting the edges. A perfect size if you ask us! 

The sample soaps are about 20-30g and perfect to take with you when traveling, going to the gym or for those who want to test a smaller variant before buying one of the original size. The sample soaps are cut from the edges of the soap molds, which means they can differ in size. A certain number of sample soaps are made per batch (production run) and when these are finished in stock new ones come in when the next batch is manufactured.

The oils are of high quality - a big difference in our organic solid soap
We use Swedish cold pressed organic rapeseed oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and organic cocoa butter. It becomes a yellow colored soap with soft lather that effectively cleans without drying the skin. 

Environmentally friendly soap
Solid soaps are environmentally friendly as they are not diluted with water such as a liquid soap, they take up less space and no preservative is needed. The soaps are moisturizing and a perfect alternative for dry skin. - including sensitive skin. Avoiding preservatives is very important for a sensitive skin as preservatives are one of the most allergenic substances in skin care. 

Crafted soap production by soap professionals - Organic solid soap
The soaps are manufactured by hand in Sweden just like Organics by Sara's other assortment, but by the fantastic Malin who runs Malin in Ratan (outside Umeå).