Hydrating Water
Hydrating Water

Hydrating Water

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  • Increase cellular build up
  • Gently contracts the pores
  • Prepares skin for nourishing products

Hydrating Water is a facial tonic that comes in a spray bottle. It gives intensive hydration and balance to the skin while removing the last residue of make-up. It is based on organic Aloe Vera and Witch hazel, a combination that makes the skin feel fresh and glowing. Recommended when sitting in front of computer, on long flights or / and after sun tanning to preserve your suntan or after shaving. Also very suitable for men.

Skin type:
For all of skin types. 1. Spray directly on face or spray on a cotton pad to use on face.

Place bottle in fridge for an extra cooling effect.

Key ingredients:
Aloe Vera Barbadensis (Organic): The most potent type of Aloe Vera, contains 60 active substances. Since ancient times it has been know for its wonderful medicinal benefits. Healing, hydrating and also stimulates the body’s natural cell growth.
Witch Hazel (Organic): Also known as Hama Melissa. Has a palliative and somewhat contractile effect on the pores of the skin and also fends of bacteria. Traditionally used by North American Indians.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Vera Barbadensis)*, Aqua (Water), Glycerin (Coconut oil)*, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract (Witch hazel)*, Alcohol (Preservative – organic), Phenoxyethanol (Preservative), Potassium Sorbate (Mild preservative).

*Ingredients from certified organic farms