Kit: Rosequarts roller & Spoon gua sha tool

Kit: Rosequarts roller & Spoon gua sha tool

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The perfect kit for under eye puffiness and to improve facial contours (by reducing swelling and get a better lymph flow). Also suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.


Rosequarts roller is used 5-10 min / day; Consistence is the key to a great result! Roll with a slow and light pressure in the direction of the arrows (instruction card included) to stimulate a better lymph flow and reduce swelling. Always start and end with the neck as most of our lymph nodes are located here. Store your roller in the refrigerator for a refreshing treatment or heat it for a while under warm water for a more relaxing rolling.

The roller comes in a white box with a black bag and instruction card. If you feel that the roller "sqeeks", you can drip a drop of oil into the holes.


Spoon gua sha in rosequarts can be used to do a basic treatment on the whole face (instruction card included). This tool is also extra good for treating puffiness under the eyes, to lift the brow´s and for use on various acupressure points. Gua sha is an ancient and proven technique used for thousands of years in TCM; traditional Chinese medicine.

Feel free to keep your tool in the fridge or put it on a bed of ice for a while to get a cooling and astringent effect. Comes in a black bag with instruction card.


Both tools is bundeled together with a silk ribbon and are the perfect gift!


The minimum first purchase is 3 pcs / kit, then optional refill.


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Care instructions: Wash with mild soap and water. Wipe dry with a soft towel. If you use the tools on more people, you add disinfection, let it work and then rinse + dry again.