Kit: Ball roller & Squared gua sha tool

Kit: Ball roller & Squared gua sha tool

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Kit for treating muscle tension. Works with reducing pain and stiffness. Preferably used for a few minutes each day (lighter pressure) or 2-3 times / week with medium-deep pressure on areas of tension.

Ball Roller in aventurine works on tension in the face and it´s perfect for rolling over + treat areas of tension with a static pressure, such as jaw, temples and eyebrows. It can also be used daily in your beauty routine with light pressure all over the face to reduce swelling and improve facial contours.


Squared gua sha in aventurine is good for scraping / combing movements on the whole body, to provide a simpler base treatment on the face and to works on deeper tension in the neck and around the jaw line.

Pull the tool at a 15-45 degree angle on clean skin (with a few drops of oil) at a slow pace according to the instruction card provided. Gua sha is an ancient technique, used for thousands of years in TCM (traditional chinese medicine). 

The minimum first purchase of the offer is 3 pcs / kit, then optional refill.


Ball roller comes in a white box with a black bag and instruction card. Squared gua sha comes in a black bag with instruction card. The tools are tied together with a fine silk ribbon and are the perfect gift!

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Care instructions: wash with mild soap and wipe dry. Be careful; if you drop the tools on the floor, they will break. Do you use the tools on more people? Also add a disinfectant, let it work and then rinse off + dry.