Flow gua sha
Flow gua sha
Flow gua sha

Flow gua sha

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CHIA´s own design in white jade and "sister" to Christine´s first design Fascia gua sha. This tool is perfect if you want to work on both face and body. Good for de-puffing but also to activate bloodflow, lift and treatment on wrinkles wrinkles. The different sides of the tool are designed for several different areas and purposes. Also suitable for sensitive skin (be careful/ avoid the serrated edges if necessary).

White jade is associated with our heart chakra and is a protective stone. White jade gives better lymph flow, is good for the kidneys and clear out negative thoughts.

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive (If you want a more activating stone, you can look at Fascia gua sha).

User tips:

  • Always apply a suitable oil before starting gua sha
  • The face: place the stone at a 15-45 degree angle and pull with light-medium pressure from inside the face and out towards the ears (instruction card included)
  • Use at least 5-10 min / day for maximum effect (or 10 min at least 3 times / v)
  • Body: Scrape / "comb" the skin until heat and redness occur. The skin may get red spots and / bruise-like spots, but this is completely normal (and actually desirable)! The color of these and how quickly they disappear provide clues about the state of the body. They usually disappear within 2-4 days. As soon as they disappear, you can treat again. NOTE! The body treatment is more substantial than the type of gua sha performed on the face.
  • The results get better and better over time
  • Feel free to combine with salon treatment with a therapist

Comes in a black bag with goldcoloured charm and instruction card. Broschure with more info by mail (so make sure to add your email adress when you purchase).

Feel free to follow @chiaholisticbeautymassage on instagram and facebook for tuturials, facts and inspiration.

Care instructions:
Wash in mild soap and water after each use. Dry with a towel and never allow to dry by itself. Be careful; if you drop the stone on the floor, it will break! The golden logo is engraved in the stone and turns gray after a few washes due to the stone material.

Are you a therapist who uses the tools in treatments?
Add disinfectant after cleaning above, then rinse and dry. Email Christine at kontakt@salongchia.se for questions about courses, retail etc. Online courses available from 2021. 

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