Cupping set (4pcs)
Cupping set (4pcs)
Cupping set (4pcs)
Cupping set (4pcs)

Cupping set (4pcs)

CHIA Holistic Beauty & Massage
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Cup kit for the whole body! Four cups of different sizes. Effect on muscle tension, cellulite and skin rejuvenation.

Benefits of Coupling:

- Reduces muscle tension.
- Reduces cellulite (if 3-7 days/week)

- Increase blood circulation

- Affects the lymph flow

- Releases tense fascia (connective tissue)

- Glowing skin

- Reduces lines and wrinkles

- Provides better resilience to the skin

Comes in a white bag with instruction cards for both face and body.

Combine with anticellulite oil / arnica balm / muscle liniment for optimum effect. Good to treat with Body Gua Sha for optimal effect for the body. 

How to use:
Use oil in the area to cup. Squeeze the cup together and place it on the skin to create a vacuum, pull along the skin.  Work untill a slight redness and heat occour.

When cupping on the body, bruises or red dots can occur if you are cupping with a lot of vacuum and/for a longer time or if you are very tense; this is NOT dangerous! It is a sign that you had a lot of stagnation and a tense tissue. If you do not want any bruises, use a smaller cup and be more gentle next time.  Also use arnica balm to speed healing.

Wash off with mild soap and water. Wipe dry. Do not use alcohol as it will destroy the material. Use non-alcoholic disinfection.

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