GUA SHA what is it?

Gua means "rub" or "sweep." after a few days.Sha is the term for the little red dots left after performing Gua sha in places where there is stiffness and pain. In a few minutes the little red dots turn into mixed redness, which then disappears after a few days.

It is important to be careful when treating yourself with Gua Sha in the face, use a slightly different technique; For glow use circular movements and get a wonderful luster to your skin (but never without marks).

Perfect as self care or exchange treatment with each other on the couch or in the morning / evening in bed.

Here are a few tips on four tools that are perfect for treating the body.

Big heart wave gua sha: in rose quarts for larger areas such as arms, legs and back. Good for cellulite, with classic gua sha scraping technique and for lymph drainage

Save your fingers gua sha: work deeper with less effort! Both as home care for yourself and give you some extra care and health for your skin and your entire body. The tool is also perfect to use in professional treatment. The material quickly becomes body warm and with the right technology it feels like fingers that massage your skin

CHIA Fascia Gua Sha: is my own design and also a favorite. It is good for the face, body and feet! Examples of foot massage come later today. This tool is carefully designed to give you endless opportunities to reach your ultimate skin quality and health.

Body gua sha: Great for tense muscles, fascia and trigger point massage. Bestsellers! Tips, use after exercise, shower, bath or sauna as the skin is already warm, this gives extra effect in your treatment.