About Chia & Christine


Christine has worked as a therapist since 2007 and also runs her own salon; Salong Chia in Stockholm, Sweden. Since 2018, she also offers courses for therapists in her own developed faCHIA Method as well as with CHIA's massage tools. During the years Christine worked with cupping and gua sha, she did not find any perfect massage tools, so she decided to put together her own collection and brand!

After 1.5 years of intensive work and testing of hundreds of different tools and contact with lots of different factories the first tools launched in january 2019. Christine is constantly working to find additional news and also sketches on her own unique tools. You can find her designs here.

CHIA's massage tool gives results for skin rejuvenation, skin problems and against cellulite, pain and more. The tools also save your hands and fingers; perfect if you work as a therapist and need to relieve your body.

The tools are carefully selected and quality checked. We wash them in organic soap at arrival to our store and we control the quality ourselves. We then put them in bags and boxes with instruction cards. For the gua sha tools we also have a broschyre on how to use them.

We want to get more people to discover these amazing tools and what they can do for your health and beauty! Our mission is to, not only sell quality products, but also to educate and inspire on how to use these tools correctly so the tools can make a big difference on your health, skin and in your daily life. The right technique and consistency is key!

Follow us on instagram @chiaholisticbeautymassage for daily inspiration and look at our onlinecourses that will launch during 2020.