What is gua sha? Is gua sha a natural alternative to botox?

Gua sha is a treatment that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Gua sha for the face is usually described as "eastern facelift" or a natural alternative to botox!

Gua sha is originally from China and is used as folk medicine. With the help of a gua sha tool in, for example, crystal, bian or resin, specific scraping movements are performed on the skin, which creates circulation and movement under the skin. This removes toxins, waste materials and dissolves muscle tension. Gua sha is becoming increasingly popular even in the western world and can be obtained both in a salon treatment and / or performed as self-care at home.

Treatment of the body and face differs a lot; In body treatment, faster and deeper strokes are used, while the basic technique for the face involves light and slow strokes. With the help of several different techniques, we affect the body's lymphatic flow, fascia (connective tissue), muscle tension and the body's various meridians. I usually say that gua sha is as easy or difficult we make it; everyone can easily learn a simple basic treatment for good results, but for maximum effect I recommend that you learn at a deeper level. Choosing a gua sha tool, tempo, number of repetitions, techniques, pressure, order etc can take your result from good to great! Consticency is also the key to seeing the big shift in your skin.

Massage with your gua sha tool will also affects the nervous system by releasing the hormone oxytocin that makes us calm and affects both our health and the skin.


Effects of gua sha on the face:

  • Increases blood circulation and gives the skin a better glow
  • Reduces lines & wrinkles
  • Reduces pores
  • Improves acne
  • Improves lymph flow and transports toxins; a real "detox" for the skin!
  • Smoother skin tone
  • Better texture of the skin
  • Tightening of the skin
  • Removes dark circles under the eyes
  • De-puff and defines the cheekbones, chin area and reduces swelling under the eyes
  • Treat tense muscles such as tense neck, tense jaw and tension headaches
  • Improves muscle tone and lifts the skin = a natural facelift!


Gua sha and Botox - work opposite to each other

To get a botox-like effect on, for example, the elevens, you can count on 6-9 months of gua sha, a little depending on how deep the wrinkle is and how diligent you are. When working with deeper lines, several more advanced techniques are used (which is something I teach in my online courses and to clients at the salon). Gua sha is completely without side effects, strengthens the skin and improves flow. The results get better and better over time while botox does the opposite and paralyzes the muscle, slow down the circulation, stop the lymph flow, thins out the skin and gives a dull complexion and gives faster aging of the skin. Botox is also not a permanent solution and needs to be replenished regularly so both in terms of cost and side effects, many people opt out of botox in favor of gua sha! I feel that many people do not know that there are natural alternatives to botox, so I hope to get more people curious to gua sha as a natural alternative. If you have recently done botox, you should not treat the area with gua sha for 8 weeks. When botox begins to decline, many people feel that the wrinkle is deeper than before and that they must therefore continue to treat with botox... I have several clients who have considered botox but who have since changed when they discovered what gua sha can do for their skin!

Tips on massage tools that are extra good for lines & wrinkles:
Here you work with the more jagged or pointed parts of the gua sha tool with light and fast movements.

Skin rejuvenation and glow with gua sha
Gua sha makes the skin glow from the inside and many people say that they can skip their foundation after a period of regular gua sha. A good flow of lymph and a smooth fascia help to lubricate the skin inside and out. 

How often?
Gua sha gives immediate effect through a smoother skin tone, better luster, a natural lift (do one side at a time and compare!) and better contours of the face. It provides even better and longer lasting effect when performed regularly; therefore, the mix of home care and salon treatment is a winning concept! Gua sha is recommended as home treatment for neck and face 3-7 times / week at least 5-10 min each time. The lymphatic system has no pump of its own, so we have to help keep the flow going through movement, a good lifestyle, a healthy diet and, for example, gua sha. After a treatment we have a better flow in the lymphatic system for two days, so by constantly keeping the flow we get the best result so that the lymphatic system can do its job and clear out toxins and lubricate the skin from within.    


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