How to use a face roller

A face roller is available in a variety of materials, but jade is one of the most popular and also a material used for centuries in China. Jade balances our chi (body's life force).

What do jade roles provide for effects (when used correctly)?
Lymphatic drainage that ....
  • Reduces swelling
  • Improves facial contours
  • smoots the skin tone
  • calms sensitive skin and rosacea
  • "detoxes" the skin and heals acne faster
  • improved product uptake (roll over sheet mask or active serum)

    Common errors:
  • Use to much pressure
  • Roll in the wrong direction
  • Rolls back and forth

    We will have a slightly increased product uptake if we roll over a sheetmask or active serum, for example, but to have all the effects of rolling it is also important with the right techniqe.
Tips for getting the most out of your face roller:
1. Always, always, always start with your neck!
We have 1/3 of the body's lymph nodes here and without first "preparing the way" before going up to the face, we will not be able to drain excess lymph fluid from the face.

2. Always use a light pressure to stimulate lymph flow & reduce swelling
If you use too much pressure, you are no longer working with the lymph fluid! If you press to hard you are working on muscle level and if you want to roll a bit deeper I recommend CHIA´s Beauty Roller or Ball roller (or a gua sha tool or face cups)

3. Roll slowly!
The lymphatic system responds to light, slow strokes so don't hurry .... it is better to pull 1 time slowly than 3 times fast!

4. Roll in the right direction
(you get an instruction card when you but one of CHIA´s tools)
Help the flow by easily moving the lymph fluid in the right direction.

5. Consistency is the key;
The lymphatic system has no pump of its own (such as our blood flow and our muscles), so we have to help the body daily with proper breathing, a healthy digestion, calm movement and, for example, dry brushing, gua sha or a face roller treatment for our lymphatic system.

 6.The right frequency
5-10 minutes once or twice a day is the best (at least every other day for an effect that lasts better). The more often you roll the better the results will be over time as the skin and lymph respond better and better!

7.Think on the body as a whole
The lymphatic system is nothing that just sits in the face. By treating the face you can have an effect in the body as well and by treating the body you often get results in the face; everything is connected! Also think about your lifestyle, stress level, diet etc.

Have the roller standing in a glas in the fridge and roll in the morning to drain and de-puff and get an invigorating treatment. If you want a more circulating treatment you can dip the roller in warm water = great for glowing skin.

9. Care instructions
Take care of your face roller and it will last for many, many years to come! Wash with organic soap, rinse and dry with a soft towel. Every now and then you need to disassemble it and clean in all the nooks and crannies. Note If you use your face roller on more people then it also needs to be disinfected. Safety comes first!

10. Think quality; both for skin & our environment
Buy a good quality face roller that you care for and really use rather than a bad one that just stays in a box ... There is a big difference between different rollers on the market and you often get what you pay for... Many cheap rollers on the market are in plastic or glass and are colored, which can irritate your skin.  

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